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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Thank you, craigslist

If you haven't ever used craigslist before, I highly suggest it. Jeff and I have experienced nothing but success. Mind you, our first experience was a bit "shady" due to the buyer, but every other experience we've had since then has been pleasant and easy! In the past week we've sold a buffet/hutch in less than 24 hours and a truck in about the same time frame!

The best thing I can recommend is to be upfront and honest. If your furniture has scratches, say it, and put a pic of it online. If your vehicle has issues, diclose that information in your posting. There are people out there who are interested in your wares, and you'll have much more pleasant experience if you've already been upfront with any problems and the buyer is not coming in to this without knowing the issues.

So thank you craigslist, I appreciate the service you are doing, and I vow to use you again for any future sales!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Pipe Creek, TX 5.13.07

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Goals for the Week

Jeff's in California for the week - so I'm flying solo on this end. We had a great conversation last week and the end result was me vowing to be more productive. It's time to drop the TV shows and get up off the couch. So, with this in mind, here our my goals for this week:

1. Catch up with my online class. I enrolled in a CSS/XTML class and, to be honest, I haven't done ANYTHING. I'm so far behind. I plan on doing two lessons a night. I should be caught up by Friday.
2. Ride my bike everyday when I get home. No excuses. I need to start conditioning myself. I heard there was a ride on July 4th that I might need to be a part of.
3. Finish Meghan's baby shower invites. At first, I was going to make them. Then I bought some, then I decided to make them again. I finished half of them tonight. I plan on mailing them by Wednesday.
4. Stay on my diet and TRACK my points online. I'm paying for monthly membership to WeightWatchers so why not utilize it! I've got TWO weddings to go to this year and I plan on spending a decent amount of time at the river this summer AND I plan on going camping and hiking a few times as well. Time to get in SHAPE, SHAPE, SHAPE!

So, I've got a lot to live up to this week. I plan on fulfilling each and everyone one of them. I just wanted to say thanks to my awesome husband for believing in me and pushing me to my limits and beyond. Without him, I fear I'd be a bump on a log.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Inappropriate Names for Specialty Furniture Shops

My bro sent me a book a few weeks back. It was unexpected, but greatly appreciated.

Anyway, I thought I'd share one of the entries. And of course, give credit where credit is due.

Please excuse, any crudeness and instead try to find the humor in it.

"Inappropriate Names for Specialty Furniture Shops"
by Mike Ward

- Stool Samples
- The Ottomon Empire
- Knobs
- Hidden In-desk-retion
- Great (one) nightstands
- Getting the Chair

Back in touch...

I got my new phone in yesterday. I'm back!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Conan in Napa Valley

I love Conan!!