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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm Beat

Actually, make that WE are beat. What a fantastic weekend, though - so it was worth every ounce of energy put forth. Jeff's mom, sister and our newest niece, Taylor came in on Friday night for our San Antonio baby shower that was this Saturday. Taylor has grown so much since we have last seen her, and Jenny, you are right, she's looking more and more like you! Just you wait until the hair comes in, I'm betting the resemblance will continue.

Jenny and Taylor Jo

We marked another 'to-do' item off our list on Friday night. Jeff and Debbie painted the bathroom! Thank goodness - as this project was starting to drive me bonkers (you'd understand if you saw how many paint samples were on the wall). We ended up going with a sherbert or butterscotch-ish orange. I like it, I do - but it's ORANGE! Having to get used to it and trying to think of ways to break it up a bit. But overall, I'm pleased!

pretty orangey

On Saturday morning, Jeff and I took a safety/first aid/newborn care class at the hospital. It was about a four hour class, but I'm glad we took if for nothing else, the CPR part was informative. We even got to practice on dolls, that looked more like aliens in my opinion.

alien baby (check out that girl's hair next to me!)

Later that afternoon, we went over to my friend Sarah's house (who is expecting her first baby end of April) for our Couples Baby Shower! The entire event was hosted by my 6 of my closest friends (2 of which are related to me!): Sarah U., Sarah S., Meghan, Ellen, Carilee and Em! Let me just tell you how thankful I am for these guys. I know this was a huge feat as I've got a pretty great group of family and friends in the San Antonio area. It seemed like EVERYONE showed up, and thank you to ALL of you who did. Jeff and I were truly humbled by the turnout and consider each and every one of you a special part of our life and pretty soon a part of K.T.'s life as well!

Hostesses with the Mostesses (??)

Awesome letters made by Calli (love them!)

Kady, K.T. & Katie (love the hair btw, Katie!)

I didn't lift a single finger to click a photo - I left it to my Mom (thanks, Mom!). One things for certain, and I KNOW this, I've got a lot of work to do on the 'ole body once K.T. joins us. Jeff and I actually went looking at jogging strollers today - not sure if I might ask for gift cards for my upcoming birthday to go and purchase one of these bad boys. Sure it's for her to be in, but it's also for me! I've got a bridesmaids dress to fit into at the end of April!

One thing is for certain - I'm ready to pay it forward. We've had such a huge outpouring of support from everyone during this entire pregnancy and I'm ready to do the same for someone else. So let's get crack-a-lackin' on those babies, ladies!

Anyway, last evening my mother-in-law and sister-in-law finished sewing the bumper and blanket for K.T.'s room. A project that has been touched by many hands, including my Mom's and myself. So it was a great group effort from both sides of the family - and I'll be sure and let K.T. know it. It looks great in the crib, don't you think?
bumper and blanket

This morning, Debbie and Jenny left a little early to head back to Houston, and what was supposed to be a rest day, turned into a minor (okay, not soooo minor) outing in which Jeff and I went on a little shopping spree to Target and Babies R Us to buy some items we didn't receive at our shower. Mainly, the diaper champ, changing pad and cover and we needed another car seat base for Jeff's truck.

BUT, I did take it easy this afternoon - we watched movies all afternoon and so-far have had a relaxing evening (although, I am doing some laundry on the side, with Jeff's assistance of course).

Now, all we are waiting for is K.T. to join us. That could be anywhere from 3- 6 weeks - so stay tuned!


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