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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

I almost didn't get this post off in time. I can't believe I didn't have this up earlier. Halloween is here!! One of my most favorite holidays (although I didn't dress up or receive trick or treaters).

I want to plug my brothers site for Halloween though. He and Ashley are going to be a HUGE CAMERA and they even set up a site. Frickin' hilarious!


huge camera

Monday, October 30, 2006

Netflix: User Error

I wish that all online purchases were standardized. Most online stores require you to CONFIRM your purchase, at minimum, five times (or so it seems), but no... not Netflix. I just wanted to find out how much shipping and handling was going to be for a movie. I didn't want to purchase it! I thought there would be a confirmation page! So I click on proceed (without entering cc/shipping/billing info) and BAM! it says "Thank you for your purchase". Excuse me what? What about "Click here to confirm"....argh!!! Good thing I like the movie (Underworld: Evolution) and what Jeff doesn't know, won't hurt him, right?... unless of course he's decided to read my blog and in that case I'm screwed :) Love you, Jeffrey!

Friday, October 20, 2006

An Offer

I received a job offer. Great company. Great department. Great possibilities. I'll post more later. :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

San Francisco - Day Three

Winchester House

Pics of Day 3 have been uploaded! Unfortunately, our trip is about over. We are headed back to San Antonio tomorrow and to much WARMER temperatures! See everyone soon!

San Francisco - Day Two


Day 2 in Photos on my Flickr site - mostly Sonoma Valley. Check it out!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

San Francisco - Day One

Colleen & Jeff - Pier 39

Greetings from San Francisco! Just wanted to let everyone know that I uploaded the pics from our first day to my Flickr account, so check it out! (click on sidebar link) We are having a great time. I'll post more tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lazy Sunday

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Shushu Sleeps

Monday, October 09, 2006

Top Ten

Top ten reasons why you might want to rethink installing a cat door at your house.

(Imagine the song "Little Shop of Horrors" quietly playing in the background)

10. Crickets (abound, including scattered cricket legs throughout the house)
9. Pond plants (and always the slimiest)
8. Worm snakes (thankfully non posineous and barely longer than 3 inches)
7. Lizards (you'd think they would be quicker than the cat, don't you?)
6. A live bird (that's right. Scroll down to #4)
5. A dead field rabbit (This was pretty gory. But unfortunately, not the worst. See #3, #2)
4. Another live bird (this time upstairs and with a ceiling fan. Luckily things didn't go that far)
3. A rabbits head (at first mistaken for a fake fur toy, but eventually discovered as it's true self)
2. The rabbits body (After the disposal of the head, ten minutes later, the body made it into the house)
1. And the #1 reason you should seriously rethink installing a cat door in your house. You seriously start to question the "domesticity" of your precious feline by staying awake late at night and wondering if at some point they might have a "hankering" for human. (cue Twilight Zone music)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Going to San Francisco

So, Jeff and I are headed to SanFran in T-minus 10 days and counting. We are headed out on Friday the 13th (cue creepy music) and we are headed back the following Tuesday. Thanks to the frequent flyer miles of the inlaws, the free digs from the bro and Ashley and a generous anniversary gift by the parents we are making our way out to CA! I can't wait! Aside from all the glorious things to see out there, the fact that their weather is a notably 34 degrees cooler than San Antonio would be reason alone to traverse over 1700 miles.