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Friday, April 30, 2010

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

KT is 10 weeks old!

KT at 3 weeks

Can you believe she's already 10 weeks old? I know, hard to believe myself. Time has really flown and KT has changed so much. It seems like every week she is discovering something new.

Two weeks ago, we discovered we had feet. So we kick, kick, kick all the time. And last week, we found our tongue. So we spend all our awake time sticking our tongue out - it's really quite funny! KT is also trying to use her vocal chords by making sporadic cries and then she'll stop and pause and make a face as if to say, "Hey, that was cool!"
I was so blessed to be able to spend 9 weeks at home with her. But last Monday was my official day back on the job. And you know what that meant, right? Daycare *cue doom music*. I really avoided thinking about it (much like my thoughts on labor) and on Sunday night, I realized where she was going the next day. I got a bit teary eyed at the thought.

Monday morning came around and when I actually had to pass her over to the ladies in the nursery, I did okay. When I got outside the door though, that was a different story! Tears were shed, me asking Jeff "are you SURE I can't be a stay-at-home Mom" came out of my mouth (I know!) and then a sad trip in to my first day back at work. But things wer soon put into perspective and I controlled myself by only calling the daycare twice to check in on her. When I went to pick her up (early) that afternoon, she got rave reviews. But boy did she look tired!
The rest of the week went smooth from then on out. They read to her during the day, give her tummy time (much needed), and she just stares at the other babies in the nursery with her (she's definitely the youngest!). And this is all great, because they keep her active! By the time we get her home and get some much needed "KT time" for ourselves, we bathe her at 7:30, feed her, read to her and she goes to bed! Not so bad, so far! I just miss her throughout the day.

I finally (again, I know!) cleared out my CF card and downloaded osme pics of her. So I thought I'd share:

Father and Daughter
KT's cry face
KT Koenig at 5.5 weeks