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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Le Tour de France

Although I joined the bandwagon in Armstrong's Reign, I'm still fascinated by the Tour de France. Who knew bike riding could be so exciting? Currently (meaning as I write this), Floyd Landis (American) is fixing to win Stage 17. How these men can climb these steep mountains (whom the announcers state that even people won't go up on their motopeds) is amazing to me. I think the best part though is seeing the crowd, more particularly in the climbing stages. For grown men, I think this gives them to perfect excuse to don a pair of spandex. I'm just saying is all. Seriously, if for nothing else, tune in to check out these freak fans! There must be hundreds, nay, thousands of people up there, running next to the bikers, soaking them with water, patting them on their backs with foam fingers. Maybe it's my impatient nature, but that seems like it would be a bit irritating. Although, maybe you'd have other things on your winning or at least finishing. Regardless, I laugh at myself that I'm so enthralled by this race that I can sit in front of the TV for hours....watching lol.

So, Landis just won the stage (go USA!) and unofficially has moved into 3rd place!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Random Thoughts/Comments

Today I stopped and bought a Cherry/Lime slush at Sonic. I forgot how good those were. It also stained my mouth/tongue an embarassing shade of red for hours afterwards. I forgot about that part as well.

I called my credit card company today to clear up an error (on their part). I would like to see the credit reports of all credit card call center employees. I'm curious is all. I'm sure my suspicions can't be that far off.

I received my 2nd flat tire within 4 weeks on Sunday. Just wanted to plug Discount Tire Co. here. If you buy tires from them (and/or purchase a new vehicle), go buy their warranty. It will save you serious cash in the end. And, it can be assumed that I am on short supply of cash these days...

Unemployment is still reigning. Stores I once visited on a regular basis are now becoming "reward" destinations (you know, "Yes, someone emailed me about a job. I think that's reason enough to go visit Borders now.")

My ultra conservative parents just got back from a week long trip to San Francisco. Among their purchases was a gay pride flag. Should I be concerned?

Friday, July 07, 2006

A New Job

Now, now, now... before you go all quizical on me, let me explain. My new job.....(drumroll please) finding a job! Ta-da! (picture me with my arms spread wide, circus performer like)

What? Not what you expected? Well sorry, but that's all I've got...for now at least.

I went to see a career counselor yesterday (thanks Mom) to revise my resume and to basically, hype up my ego (sadly). But damn it if I didn't feel better and more positive coming out of there yesterday.

So today, I sit, already having applied to multiple (that is correct, I said multiple) jobs this morning. I've made it a priority to get out of the house EVERY DAY and to come into town and just get after it, 8 hrs +, of job searching.

I've decided to be bold, be brash, be beyond, if you will. Therefore, I'm expanding my job search to include not only San Antonio and Austin, but Dallas, Forth Worth and (gulp) Houston as well. I love everyone I know from Houston, but no offense, it's not exactly where I want to live. Too humid, congested....(though IKEA is there, but they are builiding one in Round Rock as we speak).... anyway, back to the point.

I vow to give this my all, my everything, my heart, my soul, until job we do find.


IN OTHER NEWS: Check out the cool Netflix Widget in my sidebar that my hermano (bro) created. He's pretty clever, that one.

LAST THING: Wanted to give a shout out to my peeps who have maneuvered their way through England, Ireland and are currently in Germany! Hope they are having a fantastic time. Here's a pic Carilee sent!