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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Doe

About two weeks ago, I turned on to our road to head home. There's a spot on the road that is always prone to deer crossings, so everyone knows to slow down. Typically, it's unusual to pass more than one car while traversing the 2 mile road, but on this day, there just happened to be four cars around the deer crossing, myself included. As we all crept by, I noticed everyone was going a bit slower.

A doe was standing on the side of the road and, I assume everyone was slowing down in fear that she would dart at any moment. As I passed the doe, I realized she looked a bit panicked, but still she wasn't moving. And then I saw it.... she was missing a leg. To be more specific, she was missing her right leg from the knee down.(I'm assuming their parts are called the same as ours)

Over time, I've grown super sensitive to animals, and any type of cruelty (intentional or not) is a stick right to my heart. I couldn't help it, the sight brought tears to my eyes. I realize deer are not the brightest members of the animal kingdom, but there is a beauty about them that to see them mamed in this manner seems so sad.

Today I saw her again. This time she was on the other side of the fence, happily munching away at the grass, oblivious to the rain falling on her skin. I hope she's doing well for herself, though I ponder how she made it to the other side of the fence. I'm glad I didn't see that part. I wish I could give her a prosthetic to use and make life easier, though I know that's a ridiculous thought and she'd probably hate it. I wonder how the other deer treat her. Do they reject her because she can't 'keep up'?

I hope she knows that we feed corn in the field around 6pm daily and she's always invited to the supper table....

Thursday, March 22, 2007

More news articles that have caught my eye

China is Imposing Tougher Restrictions on Adoption,2933,260391,00.html

Some noticeable changes include,"...people who are older, obese, single or facially deformed can no longer become adoptive parents of Chinese babies, with some exceptions made for those agreeing to take in children classified as "special needs."

Al Gore lives "Carbon-Neutral",2933,260431,00.html

"Inhofe took this question a step further, by placing it right at the foot of the former vice president. Correctly noting that Gore is adored by hundreds of thousands for his green message, Inhofe asked the Tennessee Democrat if he'd be willing to pledge to "consume no more energy for use in your residence than the average American household by one year from today?"

It was a "gotcha" moment, and one that was not widely reported in the mainstream media. Gore refused to take the pledge, adding that, "we live a carbon-neutral life."

Get ready to hear a lot about carbon-neutral living in the days and months ahead. It's the new euphemism for Escalade-driving environmentalists who "purchase" carbon credits to assuage any guilt about their private jets and 20,000 square foot summer homes."

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

There's Got to be a Better Way

I'm not sure how many of you have experienced the same frustrations in finding a doctor as I have. Why is it so hard to pick a frickin' doctor? Let me vent, and please, feel free to add your $.02 where you see fit.

It pisses me off that with every changing insurance policy, you inevitably lose one or more of your doctors in the process. With my latest change, I have lost my physician (not that I liked him in the first place), my dentist, my obgyn (this one made me angry) AND my optomotrist. I basically had to revamp my entire physician address book. I'm secure on 2 out of the 4 right now, but I've encountered a barricade.

It makes me angry that I pay out of my pocket well in to the thousands every year for healthcare that I rarely see an ROI on (actually, I'm thankful for that but that parts not my complaint). What I'm complaining about is that for these thousands of dollars that I pay out of my pocket, I'm given a list (a very vague list) of names, addresses (1/2 the time out of date) and phone numbers of various physicians that I am "allowed" to go to, OH, IF they are accepting new patients that is. IF I'm lucky, I get a graduation year and the name of the med school and what languages they speak (not that Italian is helpful for me living in San Antonio, TX), but nevertheless, if I want to a doctor that can speak Italian, I can pick "Dr. Giorgio". Oh, and another 5% of the doctors on the list offer a link (that fools you into thinking you will get more information on them). But this link, it sends you to some lame website that some company spieled to the med group the doctor belongs too, and has created a very generic site with, what else, the doctors name, address and telephone number (SURPRISE). Oh, and also, there are a bunch of default articles that have been uploaded to the site, so that we "morons" can be fooled to think that the site actually contains "more" information then what was actually given to us by our network provider list.

The fact that you can sort through the doctors by 'specialty' is a righteous JOKE. Pick 'Internal Medicine' and you'll pull at least 1/3 of the doctors on the entire list. Oh, and guess what, just because they say it's a 'specialization' doesn't actually mean they can help you with what ails you. For example, I called one of the 'internalists' and actually, got a hold of the Cardiovascular Health clinic. I told the woman on the phone I was looking for a new doctor to treat my blood pressure and she acted like I was putting her out. She said that Dr. "Name" treats people for heart disease and did I ahve high cholesterol too? I said, "no" and then she struggled with telling me that she couldn't help me when she finally blurted out, "no, we can probably help you" in which she proceeded to ask me personal info (address, etc.). "Excuse me? you can 'probably' help me?" If you don't WANT to help me, then I'm finding another doctor, thank you.

Doctor/Patient relationships are completely non-existent these days. They examine you inside and out and then they move you through the gates with the other cattle they are constantly herding all day. Heaven forbid in the ten minutes you actually get to visit with them you might ask them a question in which it might actually eat up some of their "precious time."

My suggestion, let's get websites going with personal info on these doctors (i.e. specialties, practices, do they accept new clients, what drug companies they use, and most importantly, USER REVIEWS!!!) For God's sake, this is our lives that we are putting in their hands, why can't we ask, nay, DEMAND more information!!

p.s. sorry this is so scattered, I'm watching LOST at the same time - I'll revise later.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Eddie Izzard: Cats & Dogs

If you are a pet owner, you're gonna love this one :) One of my favorites parts! It's about 10 minutes long, so make sure you have some time. And for those of you at work, this may contain some language so take heed :). Enjoy!

You'll have to visit the site, because it's too large to upload!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

"Al Gore, I see your true colors shining through"


"Last August, the Gore mansion burned more than twice the electricity in a single month as the average American family uses in an entire year. Gore’s heated pool house alone uses more than $500 in electricity every month."

Please, feel free to click the link above to read the article in full.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ski, Izzard, and breast cancer

It's been awhile since my last post, but I've been busy and haven't had much to share. I thought I would write this huge post about my ski trip, but I only took THREE lame-o pictures and they were definitely not blog-worthy. Never-the-less, I uploaded them to my Flickr site for your viewing

I've decided I'm going to start an Eddie Izzard collection. Today, I bought Definite Article.... I really love Dress to Kill and Cirlce and hope to soon add those! He cracks me up. You can't be disturbed by the whole transvestite thing, otherwise you'll miss a great stand up routine. Seriously!

This morning I walked in the MSWalk down at the AT&T center. There was a decent turnout, but not nearly on the scale of breast cancer. You know, I think every cause is a worthy cause, but I wonder why breast cancer has gotten the most hype. Does anybody know the statistics on it? Is it just the latest focus, likes AIDS in the 90's?

Well, that's it for now. Just wanted to write a quick something so everyone would know I was still active on the web. I hope to actually write a decent blog soon enough - but I've got blogkage (trademarking that saying, so back off) :) haha!