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Monday, October 15, 2007


Here's two skits from this weekends SNL that I thought were HILARIOUS:

Saturday, October 13, 2007

As if I didn't feel poor enough....

We've started the house hunt. This time I was excited (as opposed to two years ago when I almost hyperventilated everytime I thought about a mortgage payment). Our budget has grown, so I thought, yeah, this time it's gonna be good. I'll have so many options! Apparently, time also turns the tastebuds and my palette for homes has someone become more refined. So essentially, we are in the same place as two years ago. Confused. Not sure of what we want. Trying to make the best decision possible. And somehow hoping that we'll win the lottery along the way so that we can afford the house of our dreams. Although, I suspect you actually have to PLAY to win the lottery. Guess that's out the door....

I know I live in one of the cheapest cities in our nation, however, my salary reflects that as well! Plus, Jeff is making his career change and we have to allot for this too.

You would think that we could at least afford something like this:

Alas, some yuppie bastard claims this is "rustic hill country" and some overrated realtor slaps a price tag of $300k on the place and lists it with the tagline "country charm".

On the other hand, I have a hard time choking up the $$ for one of the million homes that look like this:

In addition (as if you need to here another point) there's still a strong part of me that doesn't want to settle in San Antonio. I still want to make my "move" and try out another place for awhile.


It will all work out soon enough.....