Thoughts, out loud, that probably should of been left inside my head....

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tap, Tap, Tap

I'm hesitant to post TOO MANY political statements on my blog. Is it because I'm afraid I'll piss too many people off? Perhaps. Although I am very passionate in what I stand for, I don't hold other's opinions against them; in fact, I enjoy a good debate. However, I fear people will take things too personally, which will inevitably lead to awkwardness. Will my political beliefs effect my job should I post them on this site? I don't know. I can't imagine how one would find this blog, unless I point it to them directly. Am I being naive in this assumption?

Nevertheless, I'm currently resisting posting about 5 'saved drafts' from my blog dashboard. Perhaps, once I 'get over it' and grow some, I'll just publish them and to hell with all of you!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Personal Trainer

Well, the previous bike fell through. A bad experience with the guy at the bike shop (please don't do business with Planet Bike in San Antonio, TX) led me to seek out a new store (and a complete refund). So, I took myself down to Britton's Bikes and ordered a new one! A much better experience all around. I had measurements taken, questions asked...even if it wasn't, it just FELT more professional. Jeff decided he wanted a bike too. We crunched the numbers and decided that we would should just go ahead and do it. Here's a pic of the new bike. This one's name is Brava (the best part...she's Red! smokin'). The brand is Bianchi (mind you, all of this means nothing to me at this point). I started with an entry level (about all I can afford right now) and let's just see how into it I get. Mama even got herself a brand new pair of shoes ( I'll keep you posted on the happenings of my new hobby!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So, I knew I had, to put it lighlty, gained a few pounds before my wedding, but I never realized how bad I looked. {Hand in front of face, palm face towards you} No, no, friends and family, I don't want to hear anything doubting that statement, because I know it to be only too true. I finally got my wedding video from my brother (both of us are to blame for the tardiness). Tonight, I made the mistake of putting it in the dvd player to take a look. What a mistake. I should of probably watched it before dinner.

I can not believe I had let myself go that much before the wedding. Not only did I look absolutely STUFFED into my dress, I looked so ridiculously uncomfortable. It makes me sad. I loved my wedding day. Aside from the fact that I wish I weighed about 20 lbs less and I wish I had not gone to a particular seamstress, the day was perfect. But seeing that video did not give me gushy memories. It made me want to go outside and run about 80 laps around the yard.

I have a wedding in August to go to. And mark my words, I will be in shape for that one. I plan on wearing something that bears at least some of my shoulders and legs. A sweater in mid-August would be hard to explain to on-lookers.

....gotta go do some crunches.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Personal Trainer

Well, I invested a pretty penny today in my new personal trainer. Meet Dolce.

That's right my friends...after Thursday (she gets in then), I'm officially going to be a spandex wearing, helmet sporting, funky shoes cyclist. Or...that's the goal at least. :) Let's see how it goes.