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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good Morning, 30. I've been expecting you.

It's here! My 30th birthday. For those of you wondering if I'm freaking out, the answer is no - surprisingly! I've had my freak out - on my way out of my mid-twenties. So I think I'm over that part, which makes the transition into the next decade that much easier.

My twenties were great - I'd be lying if I said I accomplished everything I wanted to do during them, cause the answer is not really. But I've got bigger plans for this next decade. Reference my post from last year.

So bring it 30's - I'm ready and excited for your arrival. I've got big plans for you and I plan on accomplishing all of them - ALL of them do you hear me?! And just to remind myself of exactly what I want to accomplish, I'm reposting my goals for my thirties:
  1. Have 2 healthy babies, God-willing, by age 33/34.
  2. Stop living with regrets. Put it in the past and move on. It's well past time.
  3. Use my passport a minimum of 2 times. Jeff and I will make it to Italy in the next decade.
  4. Time for a healthy lifestyle change. Stop using the excuse not too lose weight due to the fact that you'll just gain it back with kids. Ridiculous. And stupid. Lose the weight. And keep it off.
  5. KILL the student loans and be fiscally responsible
  6. Read more. I'm talking classics, non-fiction, how-to's. Educate myself.
  7. Watch less TV. Jeff and I are constantly battling with tv/productivity. Cancel cable if need be.
  8. Stop wishing and start becoming the person I want to be
  9. Stop comparing myself to others and start living the life I want
  10. Buy land
  11. Define my career path and stick with my hobbies, never compromising my (or my family's) happiness
  12. Always keep the goals in sight and on track
  13. Embrace life and live it up
  14. Evaluate what was good and what was bad about my twenties
  15. Keep my marriage on track, set goals, and keep the magic


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