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Monday, September 29, 2008

Day Three: Minnesota

Better late than never....

We had a lot to do before my 3pm drop-off at the airport on Sunday. Kelli wanted to show me downtown St. Paul, so we headed that direction shortly after breakfast. We drove down the most picturesque streets where autumn leaves were falling outside victorian homes - absolutely breathtaking.

After an early lunch at a pizzeria and some more touring through downtown St. Paul, we headed to Stillwater, MN, an old logging town. The town is small and quaint, but very popular with the tourists. They offer steamboat rides on the large St. Croix River and, funny enough, gondola rides. The boutique shops line the main street. We took about an hour to tour the town and then we headed across the bridge into Wisconsin, just long enough for me to take my picture next to the welcome sign (coming soon!).

We made our way back towards the general direction of the airport, but we only had one more stop left - Minnehaha Park - home to Minnehaha Falls. This city park is located just next to an industrial area, but you'd never know when you walk down it's many hike and bike paths. I got some pretty good shots at this place.

Then it was off to the airport! After a few small delays in Atlanta, I touched down in San Antonio at 11:30pm. (I almost forgot the most important part!!) I was greeted at baggage claim by my wonderful husband holding a beautiful bouquet of tulips *love him* .

All in all, a fantastic trip. For those who've not contemplated a vacation to Minnesota, I urge you to think about visiting. It's truly a beautiful state with a fantastic history and breathtaking scenery!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day Two: Minnesota

Kelli took me on a tour of the Greater Minneapolis Area today. We toured around Medicine Lake which had some gorgeous houses - primo real estate. Then we drove Thedore Wirth Parkway which took us on a tour of Cedar Lake, Lake of the Isles, Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriett. Everyone was outside; runnng, biking, rollerblading, playing with their dogs. It was awesome and entirely enviable. Today's weather was beautiful with a nice nip in the air - add to that beautiful scenery and gorgeous foliage and you have yourself a fantastic Autumn day. sigh.

Afterwards, we stopped at the huge REI store (I wish they would get one of these in San Antonio) and then made our way over to BW3 to meet up with Rick for some college football and a late lunch.

Then we decided to head over to the Mill District. Photographer's dream. A mix of old crumbled mill's (Gold Medal Mill) and urban architecture and it made for a beautiful scene. There must of been someone getting married down there, because we saw a bunch of people wearing tuxedos. What an awesome location!

We checked out the mighty Missippi River on top of the Stone Arch Bridge and checked out the lock dam and Saint Anthony Falls. This area was so beautiful and very trendy. This is ideal real estate for the loft districts.

We took a scenic route home, even going offroad to get a picture of a beautiful tree that is turning a beautiful color of orange red. We just topped off our night by eating some tasty pizza from River Inn here in Hanover and are waiting for Saturday Night Live to come one so we can relive the old days. Rebels, I know.

Day One: Minnesota

I flew in at 10:39 pm Thursday night. Kelli and I were able to catch up on our 40 minute commute back to her house in Hanover, MN, a small town just outside Minneapolis. I obviously couldn't see a thing as it was dark outside.

But Friday morning was a different ballgame. I peered outside the bedroom window to be greeted with vibrant green lawns and the beautiful colors of fall making it's way through the leaves. Magnificent.

Most of the day was spent relaxing, which I was most thankful for. We spent lunch in 'downtown' Hanover, if there is such a thing, and we visited the Crow River bridge - absolutely beautiful.

The evening was spent around a campfire, in which I ened up being the party pooper and bailing early to catch some zzzzz's.

On Saturday, Minneapolis and more!

Check out my photos on Flickr by clicking on the photos to the left.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

An Apple a Day...

When we were in San Francisco back in August, we demoed the Apple TV, courtesy of JR and Ashley. Jeff immediately loved it and has been dropping hints left and right ever since. This weekend he got his way (like he always does) and we bought one. I thought I would totally be oblivious on how to use this device, but it is soooo easy.

Truth be told, it was so easy I totally monopolized it last night, and Jeff barely touched it. In fact, I've already purchased two movies.

If I don't watch out, the Apple TV is going to cause some problems in the Koenig Kasa!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Singing with the Blues

I've spent most of tonight puruising my music libraries and purchasing just a few things from iTunes. I downloaded Blues Traveler's Hook. Most of their album, Four, brings back memories for me.

In our lives there's a point in which we all start paying attention to music. I remember I was in 7th grade and I had listened to Blues Traveler's Run Around. I proceeded to purchase my very first CD, from Columbia House (remember those buy 14 for the price of 1 programs). I think this album had a huge impact on my music choices in life (i.e. Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, Jack Johnson, Josh Kelley, Jason Mraz, Hootie, etc.).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Playing With Fire

I've been pulled over TWICE in less than 1 week. Twice. TWICE!

I fess up to the first. I was speeding. I was going 42 in a 30 - and I sweet talked the nice man into a warning. Truly, he was a nice man for letting me go. Surprisingly nothing came up about the EXPIRED registration. Shocking!

Today, I was running an errand at lunch and I noticed a car tailing me. I checked my speed - I was going maybe 5-8 mph over the speed limit. I couldn't tell if it was cop or not, because there were no lights on top. I end up switching lanes and he doesn't follow me so I figured he must not care about me. Wrong. At the next opportunity, most likely after he was done running my plates, the lights go on and he rides up on my bumper again. I thought "I can not believe this guy is pulling me over for 5-8 mph over the speed limit" - but he comes up and says he's pulling me over because of my EXPIRED ("way past expired" in his words) registration. B.U.S.T.E.D!

I can not believe we drove almost 1700 miles from San Francisco to San Antonio without getting caught and I run a five minute errand at lunch and get busted! I guess that's just how it works.

I told him my sob story (without the tears) and I, again, ended up with a warning (knocking on wood).

Lessons Learned: Harass brother more often to take care of paperwork before my good luck runs out!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Coming Soon!

Fall. I can not WAIT! The air is chaning, the first cool front is making it's way into our area tonight.

I am quite certain I have purchased every possible pumpkin spice, spiced cake, apple-cinnamon candle within 10 miles of my house. And I am burning them. Every day. With baited breath and extreme anticipation.

I can not wait to enjoy the porch that we slaved over this summer. The hammocks mock me ever day when I walk on to the porch to water my plants.

Today I made a wreath for my front door. I purchased a ton of these berry strands for my wedding which was almost 3 years ago. It was time to put them to good use. Here's a few pics.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

It's about 10:36pm. Jeff spoke to his brother who lives northwest of Houston. They lost power at 9:40pm. Jeff's parents live on the southwest side of town and when he spoke to them earlier, they were doing fine. They've boarded up some of their windows. We've not yet spoken to them, they may be part of the 200,000 that have lost power. I was most worried about his sister, Jenny, who lives farther south. She's gone up to stay at her parents house, thank goodness. Unfortunately, her husband, Ryan, since he's a cop had to go on 24 hour watch so he's unable to be with them.

Jeff just got off of the phone with his parents and they are just experiencing strong winds and sprinkling. And they still have power.

It looks like the eye is going to hit Galveston in about 1.5 hours.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our family and friends and all others who are going through this insanely large hurricane!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Williams vs. Manning

I saw this commercial the other day and thought it was hilarious. Disregard the last 38 seconds or so, I couldn't find a better video.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Weekend Project #6: Master Bath

Okay, so I know I said I was burnt out on weekend projects, but if you know me, you know how I am - so know other explanation is necessary.

I wanted to create a relaxing bathroom, so I decided that blue was the way to go. I wanted to do a blue with a gray under tone. Let's just say, that's not exactly what I got. I picked the color Sonata by Behr that looked like it had some grays in it. I even thought it was going to be darker. But....instead I got baby blue. Trust me. It's baby blue. There's no other way around it.

I don't care though. It's finished and I'm done with painting .... one day it will change. When this house is in someone else's care, that is!

Here's some before and afters:

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


One more post, then back to my margarita (oh, the anticipation). A complaint if you will. Many times, in discussions with professionals in general, if complaints have been lodged against someone's personality or demeanor, I've received a flurry of excuses, but none so often as the phrase "well, he/she is 'really smart' ".

My response? "And? How does them being smart have anything to do with their lame-ass personality? or why should that excuse them from being rude? I don't care that they are "SMART". If they were smart, they'd treat people with more respect and gain more friends than foes."

Okay, venting complete - back to margarita - I could go for a good 'ol fashioned brain freeze!


Instead of writing a long-winded blog to explain the past few days, I've decided to provide a photo that best reflects it.

Monday, September 01, 2008

A few weeks ago, a photo under my Flickr page was tagged by an editor for This was the first time I'd heard of this site, as I'd always used google or yahoo for all my 'mapping' needs. The woman said that they would like to use my photo as a 'possible' selection in the 2008 San Antonio edition. No money, but at least I'd be credited. After scanning the fineprint, I consented. And then I forgot about it. To be honest, I wasn't sure it was all legit.

But today, I found out that my photo was selected (along with 20 other people, so it seems, but who cares!) - I was pretty excited! I guess you don't have to be a 'pro' to be found out there. This comes at a great point in life, considering one of my latest posts.
I had a few good shots around Fredericksburg this weekend, but nothing I can say that was 'awesome'. Check them out on my Flickr site.