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Monday, May 22, 2006


Well, today marks my first day of unemployment. If you want to be "technical" about it I guess you could say it was Friday. But I'm not going to count that day. Basically because I allowed myself 3 days of pure relaxation. I instructed those around me not to even mention the J-O-B word and I told myself if they did, then I would just give myself another day off. I thought it sounded fair. After vegging over the weekend, I rose this morning with a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. I am unemployed. Weird. I know, maybe you were looking for a more profound statement, but that's the best I could come up with at 7:51 a.m CST.

Anyway, this feeling of unemployment is quite, well, weird. I haven't felt it in such a long time, actually, I've never been worried about unemployment before. At age 16 I worked every summer until I got into college. My freshman year was spent without a job but I had someone else taking care of me (i.e. the 'rents). When I moved back home for my sophmore year a job was a must and that is when I took a job with the company I just quit. Six and a half years with a company is a long time, now that I look at it... And I'm in limbo. Searching. Seeking. Looking for a new start. I feel I'm on vacation right now, though that feeling will quickly diminsh on the 1st of June when so-called paycheck would of been deposited.... I'm sure that day will either result in pure panic or a nervous breakdown (I tend to fret about my checking account a little too much). Whatever it is, no one alert the hubs. Poor guy, he gets the brunt of all my crazy episodes, as I like to refer to them as. I told him that I tried to warn him before we got married. If almost seven years of dating doesn't do it, then I can't be blamed ...

Anyway, I forced myself up this morning and came in to town to use my bro's wireless, that he was generous to leave on for me (shout out to my bro!). I've applied for several positions and have my sights set on more for tomorrow. It's time to seriously redirect my effortsfolks.....Anyway, thought I'd post a few pics of what unemployment looks like. I would of posted some of me, but, trust me, it would look too awful!

I'm going to try to spend my afternoons on Adobe Creative Suite applications. Hopefully I can get pretty good at those. No more excuses. I think once I grasp the concept of Photoshop (I know, I know) my web development skills will excel. Let's hope at least.

Keep posted.

Girvan, NOW I'm over 1/2 way through with The Da Vinci Code


Anonymous JRF said...

no problem sis.

Plus, take a few days off to just come down a little bit from the 7 year stretch of working that I know you have done. You deserve a little break.

May 26, 2006 12:17 PM  

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