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Friday, May 05, 2006

News Update

Well, the past week has been most interesting indeed. My brother took off for the big fault line, er, I mean city, of San Francisco, CA to start a new chapter with McAfee (the anti virus company). I would tell you the title but I couldn't do it justice. Something Senior and interface design something or another. But the coolest part? He may be going to Japan for three weeks! How cool is that?!?! I predict J.R. will be in tech-heaven when he goes, well, that is if he gets some "free time", which I suspect 3 weeks will provide.

The pops gave us a scare yesterday when he started experiencing some "chest pains" and some arm numbness!! Luckily after several hours in the ER, they said the EKG didn't show any signs of heart problems (Amen.).... I'm also happy to say that the stress test came back negative and that he seems to be, at least internally, okay! whew. Unfortunately, I had to call off a trip to the big-D to visit friends just in case the tests turned out to reveal something.

This week has been so crazy. For some reason I've been under a whole hell of a lot of stress, 80% which is probably self-imposed and the rest has been job and life related. I'm starting to question my sanity.... (kidding. I think.)

Until the next one.... keep it real.


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