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Friday, May 12, 2006

El fin de semana plans

Before I get started, I tend to overuse the word "weekend" and though I've searched and searched I just can't seem to find a thesauraus handy. Nevermind the world wide web people, who's got the time?!? (as I write this blog from my desk @ work....ssshhhhh!)

This weekend looks to be pretty low key, thank God! Only one major event planned and that's a "Way-to-go-Jason-you-finally-completed-your-masters-degree-party" at my cousin's house this weekend. I'm deliberating what to get him, though I know his interests lean towards the dark and frothy side. Oh, what to come up with? I'm still not of the age where dishing out a check and a cheesy graduation ("You did it!") card is socially acceptable, nor, come to think of it, would I want to give him something like that. Hopefully I can take some cool pics this weekend and get something posted for our weekly Monday routine.

As a follow up to one of my previous postings, I bought a travel writing book today at lunch(I know, I know). I plan to do some "rough notes" tonight and hopefully get a full page (shocking!) down on paper tomorrow (we're talking Times New Roman, 12pt, people).

I hope to have another posting up by Sunday or Monday. Keep posted.


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