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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Home Alone!

Jeff finally comes home tomorrow night. Its been almost 11 days without him (yah!). I really thought I'd be fine. I'm pretty independent, but I'm also a people person, and while the cats and dog 'speak' to me in their own language, it gets pretty old after awhile. But to be quite honest, I'm bored. I've made the most (well I guess I could of always done more) while he's away.

I did my secret project (that's not so secret to friends and family) to surprise him with when he gets home, I had a girls night when Carilee was in town last week, I spent some time with family and took Sonny out to run with Carlie (the 120 lb yellow lab). I didn't get to go hiking, but I'm going to sometime soon, I swear. I also wanted to go see another movie by myself (proof that I can still do things on my own) but, nothing really caught my eye and I was too lazy this weekend.

I miss my buddy. Can't wait till he gets home.


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