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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Weekend Project #4: The Middle Bedroom

The queen bed was taking up a lot of room in our middle bedroom. There not the biggest rooms, but they aren't shoeboxes either, but I really want to maximize the space.

Therefore, we decided to sell the mattresses along with a headboard I purchased about 6 years ago from World Market. We took the profits from that and the weight set we sold last weekend and went down to the furniture store to purchase a sleeper sofa (see image). We looked at a futon style, but we tested it out and we both barely fit on it. We figured we didn't want to torture our guests that bad!

We plan on buying a foam piece to add to the mattress for extra cushioning. Just wanted to add that tidbit to our future guests :).

The couch arrives on Tuesday! I've got some helpers to assist me with the unload! Can't wait!

As another side note, I tried to find a cheaper sofa on Craigslist, but the sleeper sofas for sale are ATROCIOUS - straight out of the 70's and I've no clue how to re-upolster, so that ruled out that possibility.


Blogger parenting noobs said...

Looks nice. I think we'll end up with the sleeper-sofa-guest-bed-option, too. It just makes more sense (at this point in our lives)...

June 08, 2008 10:15 PM  
Blogger Koenig Krew said...

is it from havertys?? we were looking at one from there...but not sure if we can get it angled into the study...

June 09, 2008 11:06 AM  

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