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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Now I can say that I've got the "itis" - Keratitis to be exact. Side note: For the record, my eye doesn't look anything like the one on the wiki page.
I started having problems with my eyes about two weeks ago, but I attributed it to over used contacts and I exchanged them for new ones last Monday. But that didn't correct the problem - I was having issues reading things up front, which is wierd considering I'm nearsighted. I then thought my vision had changed. Since I've been working my current gig, I stare at the screen probably a lot more than I should. Anyway, I ended up making an appt to the eye doctor and saw him yesterday.
After a lot of "hrm, that looks nasty" and a "well that makes a big difference" from the optometrist (always what you wish they'd say to you), he decided to way-lay the new contact/glasses prescription, told me to toss my contacts, wear my glasses for a week and prescribed me some 'roids and antibotic drops.
My follow up is on Monday. I'm blind till then. I'm not a fan of wearing glasses, so I'll probably only have them on when necessary... should be a fun week.


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