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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Where is My Stimulus Check?

I'm up late. I attest it to the 2.5 hour nap (*shame*) and the 32 oz of Diet Coke (*double shame*) that I consumed today. Look, back off, I know. Anyway, after reading my daily PF blogs I noticed that a number people have received their Economic Stimulus Check already.

My question is "Where the hell is mine??". According to the IRS' website, I was scheduled to receive mine, according to the original plan by May 2nd. However, after Bush's speech last week, they were going to begin on Monday, April 28th! I've checked my account every day this week, five or six times a day and I haven't received JACK yet. Look here, Mr. Federal Government, I have plans for that money (not necessarily to stimulate anything but my networth) but still - give me my dues, man!

Technically it is already May 3rd!!! You're late.


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