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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Good, The Bad & The Cravings: Baby Koenig Update

Greetings family and friends. I haven't posted a Baby Koenig update in awhile, so I thought I'd take this time to share updates.

The Good
Well, to start, I think I've got the exercise thing under control. I've been pretty persistent in going to yoga. I shoot for 3 time a week and, though I never thought I'd say this, but I really enjoy the class. It's a great way to destress. Plus, there are a lot of women who are expecting around the same time I am, so we get to share our experiences. Plus, it's a great workout - who knew yoga cold make you sweat? I"m also trying to do the treadmill twice a week and I mostly have that under control.

Although I haven't felt the baby yet (I hear that may be around week 19/20) I have definitely noticed 'growth' in my midsection. I think about 5 more weeks and I'm going to be round. So, there's DEFINITELY something going on inside there even if I can't feel or see the baby.

The Bad
I just can't seem to get my diet under control. I am a wimp at sticking to a regimen and I give in to WAY to many cravings. One day I'll do awesome, the next three days I do horrible. I want to slap myself, but that can be harmful to the baby and may cause unnecessary stress ;) - so instead I'm mentally scolding myself. I need to get control over this and SOON!! It's not healthy and will only be harder to burn off post-baby.

I also mentioned the growth under the good category, but I wanted to also put it here. Psychologically, gaining this weight is a hard thing to handle. Maybe not for all, but my stomach has always been my 'problem child' and seeing it grow bigger and bigger is distressing me as far as the weight thing. But I'm trying to look at all the positive things and keep this issue at bay. Trying hard!

The Cravings
Salt. Salt. Salted Salt. Saltiest Salted Salt. Like, I want to lick a potato chip or french fry to death, salt! I want it and I can't get enough. And that is HORRIBLE for someone who has HBP, though, I've been on top of my medication. This is one of the things I need to get under control!! It's a little insane right now, but I'm determined to fight it!

So that's it for now. Nothing too crazy yet. We find out the sex of the baby at our next appointment on September 30th! So that will be exciting, and of course I'll share the news on here for all of my loyal readers!

I also put a timeline countdown for my due date on the left side of my blog. See the baby elephant? :)


Blogger bagalagalaga said...

I absolutely love your blog name, I searched for it because my brother just started one with a similar address and I thought it was pretty clever - but I guess you're either more clever or faster cleverer? Anyways, I can tell from that grey blur its a girl, since it looks nothing like the two grey blurs I had that were boys! Congrats!

September 16, 2009 11:56 PM  

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